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Welcome to 2 Sisters Dream Studio.

We’re two artsy sisters who’ve always had our hands in creative projects and professions.

And now we’ve put our heads and hands together to create a line of one-of-a-kind and custom sculptures we lovingly call "Bots",
steampunk inspired necklaces and charms.

I’m Lauren Card, the one on the left, and that’s my amazing sister, Lynn Helmbacher, on the right. ...and yes, we are from the same

For years, I’ve been a visual artist, painter, graphic designer, art teacher, and branding specialist. No surprise here, Lynn got the art gene, too. She’s been a high-end interior designer, gift shop owner, and florist extraordinaire.

For years, both of us have been avid collectors of funky and unusual memorabilia and embellishments. But it was time to put our
personal collections to good use.

So what did we dream? To make creative and fun art pieces from our collections that would spark memories and conversations.

I’m thrilled to say our customers are telling us we’ve done just that! They say our bots, necklaces and charms are magnets for endless smiles, conversation and remembering those treasures from our past.

We love it when dreams come true!

Got questions about a particular creation? Or which of your own small treasures would be perfect in a custom piece? Wonderful! We’d love to hear from you.

(c) 2019-2020, 2 Sisters Dream. All rights reserved, worldwide.

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